Blistering of medicines carried out in Luxembourg

You or a loved one must take several medications daily ? You need a safe and effective solution to simplify taking your medication and reduce missed doses ? The Ginkgo pharmacy offers you its medication blistering service.

Blistérisation des médicaments

What is medicine blistering?

Drug blistering is a system of sorting and individualized packaging of medications to simplify taking one’s medications. Medications are sorted by intake, which reduces the risk of confusion between multiple pills.

Who is this service for?

The service is aimed at people who have to take several medications a day for a long period of time. It is useful for :

  • Elderly people who need to take chronic medication
  • Patients who are afraid of forgetting or confusing one or more medications
  • One-time or permanent caregivers of a person with a treatment to take
  • Elderly people who still live at home and have to take their medication alone

How do I get my medications blistered?

Together with you we build your medication plan.

The pouches containing your tablets and capsules are labeled with your name, the date of manufacture, the name of the medication and the time of intake.
You are immediately notified of the availability of your treatment.

Is the blistering service free?

The service is reimbursed for people in nursing homes.

For individuals, there is a charge for the blistering service.

DKV insurance offers partial coverage for individuals.